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Local Pages Digital Project

Cost effective local digital marketing

It’s crowded out there, and navigating your way through the busy world of digital marketing can be tricky. That’s where LP Digital come in.

  • We differ from other agencies. Our sole mission is to help local businesses get found by potential customers in their local area, the way it’s been for the last 40 years.
  • Our digital experts will provide agency level advice, at an affordable local business price.

Take a look at our services below, and let us know where we can help.

1. Website

2. SEO

3. PPC

4. Social Media

5. Direct Marketing

1. Website


Think of your website as your shop window. It’s the ultimate way for the outside world to find out about what you do and how you do it. However, it’s only effective if people can find you.

We will provide an audit of your existing website and make specialist recommendations in order to optimise your online presence.

No website? No problem. We will create and design your website to reflect the quality of your business, all within your budget. We can also help with content - your words and images, so that your website will appear at the top of Google’s listings time and time again.



If you haven’t purchased a name (domain) for your website yet, we can help find a suitable one and provide the technical support for it to be accessed online. Storing your website and all it’s content involves a small fee, which we can research for you.

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2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

How do you ensure current and potential customers find you? That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a vital role, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Strategy: content creation & organisation

In a jam-packed digital world, it all starts with strategy.

We work with you to understand your ideal customer and their interests, as well as your business and what you want to say. We then combine that information with keywords research, analytics and search trends, and create a strategy that drives both awareness and growth.

Technical: coding errors, the back end of SEO

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes to ensure your SEO is tip-top.

From onsite technical improvements to offsite presence and authority growth, we’ll handle it all. We take care of coding errors and research key phrases and search terms to maximise your exposure online and make sure you’re being found by the right audience.

Offsite: Back-links, social media

Linking your social media channels to your website is important if you want to improve your SEO.

It helps search engines understand that your website is credible and should be ranked for certain keyword phrases.

We can also help you with the development of original content to share across Social Media.

You can find more information on this below

Ongoing support

We want you to consider us your digital partner so we provide ongoing assistance and support for whatever your SEO needs might be.

Our team of technical experts are here to help and eager to help your business grow, today and tomorrow.

3. PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is paid digital advertising. Once we’ve established exactly what your business objectives are, we develop targeted paid strategies for Google, Bing and other relevant search engines. There are different types of digital PPC adverts.

Search result page ads:

Are highly relevant to what users are already looking for, and are targeted to audiences who know what that want. For example, “Plumber in Bristol” is a search term relevant for someone who is looking for a Plumber in Bristol. If they see an advert relating to this when they search, they are more likely to click on it and you potentially have a new customer.

Display ads:

If someone has already visited your website but not committed to getting in touch with you directly you can still remind them of your business after they have left.

Display ads are located at the top, bottom or middle of a future web page they visit, meaning they are more likely to return to yours, and make contact.

You can then decide which web page the ad will direct traffic to.

Mobile only ads:

With more than two billion people on the planet accessing a smartphone on a daily basis, a type of ad that appears on web pages and apps viewed on a mobile device, could well be the advertising avenue for you.

Don’t worry about getting your head around the detail - that’s where we come in! Get in touch for a free consultation on the variety of forms these ads can take.

4. Social Media

  • What is the point of social media?

  • Why do I need to be active on certain channels?

  • How do I know which are the right ones for my business?

Our customers often ask us lots of questions about social media. The most common being “Does it work?” and “What’s the point?”.

With millions of users on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, these platforms are a powerful way to attract customers. By using quality content and campaigns you can target the right social media audience for your business.

Get in touch for more details on which social media package is right for you.

5. Direct Marketing

Email marketing

Along with social media, this is one of the most cost effective ways of communicating with your customers to bring in more qualified leads.

Maybe you have an event coming up? Or special offers you want to promote during the course of the year? We will work together with you to create a strategy and content for maximum impact and reach. After all, it’s no good having news to shout about if you don’t have an audience to hear it.

Our in house design team will create visually compelling and dynamic graphics to engage your audience and you’re in safe hands with our expert copy-writers, who know exactly how to get the attention of your customers and drive traffic to your website, converting interest into a sale.